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Reasons Guide

With the whole concept of Fightnight Scores being to give a reason why a fighter has won a round of boxing. Most of the reasons in the list are fairly self explanatory but there are a few which are similar and interchangeable with others. Each can be open to your own interpretation, however here is our guidance for what each reason means.


A knockdown, or multiple knockdowns have occurred. This usually means a fighter wins the round by at least 2 clear points.

Had opponent in trouble

One fighter has another almost hitting the canvas, on wobbly legs or needing to hold on, without scoring a knockdown.

Dominated most of round

A one sided round where one fighter is landing shots while the opponent is throwing or landing very little of their own shots.

On the front foot

One fighter is moving forward for most of the round, forcing the action or starting to dominate their opponent. This could also mean a fighter who has lost the last few rounds or most of the fight but is having a resurgence and is coming forward fighting and finding some successful shots.

Controlled the action

Either through good footwork, landing shots at will or simply walking down and being dominant over their opponent. Clearly one fighter is dictating how the fight is going. It could also be a "cagey" round, where one fighter is working off the jab, keeping his opponent at bay and where he wants. Dictating the round a bit.

Landed cleaner / more effective shots

Probably the most used reason. Simply most rounds will have boxers engaging in combat, so it's a case of who has landed the better shots. Used when both boxers are throwing punches: - Where one is landing cleanly and the other landing more blocked shots. - When one fighter lands the more powerful shots than his opponent. - If both fighters are landing but one of them opens a cut.

Effective counter punching

Possibly used when a fighter on the back foot is moving and throwing effective counter punches. Or simply the boxer is intentionally waiting for and landing counter shots while engaged centre ring.

Good defensive work

A rare reason to award the round, if one fighter is throwing more punches but their opponent is simply making them miss without really throwing too many of their own, or possibly where a fighter is mostly working off the jab and using avoidance to stay out of the way of an ongoing power puncher.

More active

A cagey round, maybe when both fighters are tiring without any major punches landed but one fighter is busier or more active, making more of an effort to land punches. Or alternatively when a fighter is busier than their more defensive, or awkward foe who simply isn't engaging in combat.

Significant punch / combo

This can be used in two scenarios: 1. Little action has taken place in the round, but there was 1 good single punch or a small combination of punches that leans the round in their favour. This could be used for a near even round. 2. A more engaging round where punches are landing by both fighters, but one lands a flashy, eye-catching or effective shot that doesn't necessarily put their opponent in trouble.

Opponent docked points

A fighter has been docked points by the referee.

Even round

This is when there is very little to split the two fighters, either through lack of any real action, or where both fighters have landed shots evenly through the round without anything else of significance happening.