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Boxing Scorecard App - Fightnight Scores


Create a Group for your friends / forum / YouTube channel / podcast listeners / boxing event.
Join existing groups using the access code provided by a group admin.
Create custom fights (lower card bouts, past, historical & amateur fights).
View all group members' scoring activity.
Compare scorecards side-by-side with other members.
Group average scorecard for each fight.
Group specific round-by-round fight analysis data.

Top Active Scorers

Big Fish Vega - 59 Scorecards IScoreCardsLOL - 38 Scorecards 86Boxing - 24 Scorecards MR INFO - 30 Scorecards Fightnight Scores - 14 Scorecards Umbert87 - 11 Scorecards KaiserKoba - 11 Scorecards Jub - 8 Scorecards Slaven Ajanovic - 6 Scorecards CammyM123 - 6 Scorecards

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