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A unique boxing scorecard concept for better boxing scorecards with more clarity. The concept requires users to select from a list of reasons provided. These reasons should cover why a boxer may have deemed to have won a round of boxing.

The idea came about from a post on a boxing discussion forum of how technology might be able to improve the sport. Also tired of dodgy officiating, the tipping point came following Golovkin vs Alvarez I.

The concept came to fruition through this discussion, and a concept was coded up for use.

Everyone! For fight fans who like to score boxing bouts. For those who want to share their scorecards and interact online with fellow fight fans.

It is also, long term, for official boxing judges. We want to get this into the sport officially!

Yes, the product will always be free to use.

You do not have to sign up to score a fight. You can score the fight as you watch, it can be shared online and people can view your live scorecard if they follow the link while you score.

However you need to sign up if you want your card to be saved permanently.

Simply fill out the registration form.

If you have started creating a scorecard as a guest user, you will have the chance to sign up once you finish your scorecard. This scorecard will be saved to your account upon completion of registration.

While you are scoring a fight, a tweet button will appear for each round you score. You can pres this button to share your scorecard to twitter, or simply copy the url to your live scorecard for sharing elsewhere.

This adds clarity to what a viewer is seeing in the fight. We provide a list which covers all bases so that we have hard data which can be analysed for statistical comparisons.

Fight analysis collaborates all users' data input and provides an in-depth round by round breakdown of how the fight panned out int he eyes of fightnight scores users. With the data provided we break down the average scores for each round, plus the percentage of users who scored each round for each boxer, plus a breakdown of the given reasons for each fighter.

Fights with enough scorecards submitted will have a collaborated user scorecard. This will aggregate all user data to provide a single scorecard plus the biggest reason provided for the winner of each round. This is an overall card for the collective user base.

Every user has a public profile url. This can be found at the top of your activity feed on the Dashboard screen or via the top right user menu. You can send this url to your fellow fight score user friends who can click to connect with you.

If you are connected to friends their scorecards will appear in your activity feed on the dashboard screen. If you have scored the same fight a link to compare card will be displayed under their scorecard information.