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How it Works

Fightnight Scores allows our users to add reasons to their scorecards, allowing for a clear indication of their thinking. Here's how to use our product:

STEP 1. Choose a fight to score as you watch along on TV

- We add the biggest, televised fights for scoring

- Boxrec 4 & 5 Fights

- Selected other televised & undercard fights

- Fight archive available to score older fights

STEP 2. Start your scorecard

Add each round to be scored as the fight progresses. We take 3 metrics.

1. Enter your score for each fighter based on the 10 point system 
2. Select the winning margin for the round using the slider
3. Select a reason from the list why you awarded the round
4. Add a comment:- Add more detail to your scorecard (Optional).
5. Hit confirm to add information to your scorecard
Confirm Score & Reason

STEP 3. Tweet your scores & reasons each round [optional]

Share your scorecards on social media to show how you are scoring/seeing the fight to your network helping us to spread awareness of the existence of Fightnight Scores  Fight Score Scorecard App

STEP 4. Fight Analysis

Using all this collaborated data we can produce in-depth fight analysis. Accumulating user scorecards, and breaking down the reasons given for each fighter in each round, we can produce interesting visual chart data, clearly painting the picture of how Fight-Score users viewed the fight.
Fight Score Data Analysis