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Fightnight Scores

The Fight Score Concept

back to: blog Published: 29th August 2017
Fight Score doesn't reinvent the wheel, and neither will it eradicate bad judging altogether. That is just simply down to human error and ineptness. What Fight Score does do, is bring some clarity and transparency to the users scorecard regarding why they awarded rounds as they did in that moment.

For Fight Fans

While the ultimate goal would be for boxing judges to adopt this concept, it can be used by fight fans, for those interested in scoring fights with reasoning and sharing their thought process with the community. The simple is system!

Step 1:
Award the scores for the round
Step 2: Add a reason for awarding the round

Why Add a Reason?

The whole concept of Fight Score came about from inadequate judging we have witnessed in the sport. Judges get away with simply scoring the round for a fighter but they don't need to justify their decision, and we fight fans are often left scratching heads on how the scores ended up as they did. With our reasoning aspect, we hope that more forethought will go into the decision making a judge goes through. If they have to pinpoint a reason to justify their scores, if might just clamp down on some of the crazy scores we frequently see.

Future Possibilities

This idea has scope for plenty of growth and features. A community can develop and interact within social media circles. Live score data and charts can be drawn up right as the fight progresses allowing users to see how other fight fans saw the rounds they have just scored. TV broadcasters could use the app to generate talking points and live stats during their air-time. And ultimately, the powers that be could bring the whole concept into the sport, making judges use the reasoning method for full transparency and clarity!