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Round Winning Margin

back to: blog Published: 28th December 2019

Introducing a new feature to further clarify your scorecards!

We've added a new metric which we require for every round scored by our users.

It occurred to us that many rounds are really very close, and while this can be reflected in the analysis by the round score average figures, it isn't visually clear as such in our analysis section.

Furthermore, there are definitely various levels of closeness in any given round. Sometimes the boxers are tiring, the are not throwing much at all. Maybe the winning single punch to award a fighter that round is a nicely timed jab. But 10-9 with a reason of "landed cleaner punches" is only as descriptive as maybe the next round in which the same guy landed a fair amount of better punches than his foe. 

Therefore we introduce the round winning margin feature. A simple range slider for the user to describe by how much the round was won based on a percentage with incremental steps of 5%.

Back to our example, the very close round would have been 55% / 45%. The single jab being that 5% difference between the fighters. Whereas that next round was more clear 60% / 40% to the winner.

We hope this will bring some added clarification and extra definition to users' scorecards individually as well as in our global fight analysis statistics.