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Live Scorecards & Analysis

back to: blog Published: 20th May 2018

The true power of our Fight-Score system is really unleashed as we provide real-time score data and analysis.

We have upgraded our code base and now instead of users creating their scorecards and submitting them into our database, the record is created from the very start, and with each round score added, the database record is also updated.

This feature means a few cool features have been unleashed.

1. Your real-time scorecard - Your scorecard will appear in your "my scores" section and is shareable from the off. If you use our Tweet feature, your followers will be able to click a link to your scorecard which automatically refreshes every few minutes and will include your live, up to date scores. 

2. Real-time data analysis - As the scorecard data is added and updated in the database, so to does the fight-analysis data and charts. In the future we will find a neat, low key way to provide this data to you right within your scorecard so you need not navigate away from your scoring.