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Fightnight Scores

Fight Score – A New Concept

back to: blog Published: 8th August 2017

How many times have you thought it? Or read it on social media? Seen it on a forum, or listened to it discussed in the studio on the network after a fight maybe? 

"How did they come up with that scorecard"?

Fight-Score: An idea developed through frustration

 While (some of) the wrongs of years gone by have been put right, such as corruption and health & safety practices in one thing has not moved with the times. Boxing judges have forever sat ringside with a pencil and piece of paper, jotting their scores down after each round. We have an endless wait after a fight while the scores get tallied up, and when a ridiculous scorecard is submitted, it gets filled away never to be discussed again. It seems that boxing officials enjoy a sense of invincibility. Their decisions don't get questioned and their scorecards don't get inspected or analysed. Boxing fans have been screaming out for it, even if they didn't know it, for years. Give us some transparency!

A matter of opinions

 For a sport where the outcome can depend on the opinion of 1 or a number of people, there will always be controversies. That's just the nature of it. And while our current system of scoring boxing matches may have scope for improvement we can still adapt whilst remaining in the confides of the current system. So while not everyone will agree with how a judge scores a round, it would be useful to know the reason they give for awarding it. A justification of what they saw in their mind, and have it on record! THAT is the simplicity of the Fight Score concept! How did you award that round? Why did you award it?

For the fans first

 It would need to go a long way for the numerous boxing bodies, councils and commissions to take a new concept on board. And so, the first steps is to get the fans using it, being aware of it, and getting it out there. Fight Score will be constructed gradually, for and used by the fans, and adjusted in collaboration with the users. You can try the app itself here.