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back to: blog Published: 18th November 2017

We've been working hard on getting our system up and in place to allow our users to create an account and save their scorecards in our database.

 There's more planned features and functionality we are developing and working on for the future but for now the essentials are in place.

Users don't have to sign up in order to use Fight Score, but if you plan on coming back and using it frequently it makes sense to and only takes a minute and is free to join.

Those who do sign up will be able to store their scorecards for future reference, to link to social channels or sending to friends and more importantly future planned statistical graphs and data.  

What to expect in the future

 For those who do become signed up members there will be some useful and interesting features implemented.

Connect with Friends

A social platform within fight-score. Connect with your friends and see their scorecards easily within your own stream of data.

Pre-fight predictions

A simple fight predictions league with potential for monthly and annual prizes

Live Twitter streams

See the tweets coming in as you score fights, share round scores and see how yours compares to other Twitter users using Fight Score

Live fight scores

View graphical data of the fight you are scoring, comprising of all users scorecards in a live data feed.

Combined scorecard data analysis

Post fight data analysis. Not just simple round score averages, but graphical breakdowns of how round were score by reason for an in-depth look at how users saw the fight.